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What is this site all about?

Sub List Online was created to allow employees to list shifts that they cannot work. Then other employees that have logged into the site, can take those shifts, or list their own.

Schedules can also be posted by employers, allowing easy access to current schedules that can be viewed online, or printed.

I want to use the site...what do I do?

First, one of the managers at your company has to create an account for your company. Then, each employee can create an account and start listing shifts. So, if your managers don't know about the site...let them know! Its completely free to use.


If you would like to see a working demo of this site, use the following:

    To test the site as an employee, use:

      Username: emp
      Password: emp

    To test the site as a manager, use:

      Username: man
      Password: man

    *Note: to reset the demo to its default, click here first.

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